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Concrete Joint Sealing

Concrete joint sealing is designed to protect pavement by minimizing water penetration and preventing the accumulation of debris. Freezing and thawing during the winter months creates movement within the pavement. Joint sealants allow the concrete to flex while maintaining a tight seal that resists water penetration. 

Crack Repair

Rain, Snow and Ice are not your pavements friends. Keeping water, snow and ice out means keeping potholes away. Crack sealing protects your paved surface by stopping water from entering the crack and eroding and destabilizing the base beneath the asphalt.

Mastic Patching

Mastic is one option that can be used in pavement repair. This solution is a hot-applied, single-component, pourable, asphalt binder with engineered aggregate. These treatments are used to repair distresses larger than those typically repaired by crack or joint sealing, but smaller than repairs requiring remove-and-replace patching procedures.

Highway Maintenance

Huff Sealing Corporation's Highway division specializes in crack sealing and spall repair on roadway pavement. Whether it be saw and seal, rout and fill, or simply clean and fill- Huff Sealing does it all.

Airport Maintenance

Airport taxiway and runway maintenance are services that HSC offers nationally, serving a wide range of customers from small municipal airports to international airports and military installations.


From concrete slab replacement to runway line striping- HSC can provide a comprehensive solution to your airport's pavement maintenance issues.

Parking Lot Maintenance

With nearly 50 years of experience maintaining parking lots, Huff Sealing Corp. offers a complete line of parking lot maintenance services. Proactive maintenance can double the life of asphalt and concrete surfaces. 

Asphalt Sealing

Seal coating is one of the most important elements of a pavement management plan. Plus, it makes asphalt more visually appealing. Pavement sealing is used to protect off-highway pavement surfaces against gasoline, oil, salt, water, and ultraviolet rays.

Asphalt Patching

The goal of patching is to remove areas that of old asphalt that have deteriorated. When doing a full depth patch, the perimeter of the area is cut by saw and then removed. After that, hot mix asphalt is poured into the open patch. The asphalt is then compacted to a smooth finish.

Asphalt Paving

Utilized in a variety of applications, asphalt is a cost-effective surface for roads, parking lots, and driveways. HSC provides quality asphalt paving at great prices.

Line Striping

Fresh line striping is the best and most economical way to brighten up your business. We offer quality re-striping at affordable rates. Our services use top quality equipment and materials at a reasonable cost.


Concrete provides excellent performance throughout the service life of the structure when it is mixed properly and caution is taken during the curing process. HSC is your source for everything concrete. From installation to repair, we have solutions for you.



Our Mission

Our mission has been and remains quality pavement maintenance and customer care above everything else. We honestly believe that if we can do those things, we’ll be successful. Maybe that’s why local residents, state, and national, companies, as well as governmental entities, large and small, rely on us.

Our commitment to the highest quality products, workmanship, and ethical standards
allows us to confidently say you won’t get a better quality job anywhere.

It’s not just a promise; it’s a 40 year, third generation,
track record of doing business that way!

Our Promise

With HSC, you can be confident you will receive a high-quality, professional job. We are proud to stand behind the work we do.

We Work Where You Need Us

HSC is focused on providing quality pavement maintenance to clients in the Tri-State and around the country.



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